Push-Pull Smart Lock S30 Pro
?Built-In Doorbell
?Full-Automatic Lock Body
?Works With Mi Home App
Intelligent Control Chip
35 Degree Handle Design
6 Unlocking Modes
Works With Mi Devices
Built-in Doorbell
Leave Home Reminders
NFC Card Function
6 Ways Secure Your Home
Full-Automatic Lock Body
Open the Door in Only 0.5 Second
After fingerprint unlocking,
lock tongue auto-retracts immediately

After closing the door,
the automatic lock body auto-lock requires only 0.5 second.
Built-In Doorbell
If someone visits and presses the doorbell,
you will receive push notifications via app.
Anti-Copy NFC Card
*NFC card must be purchased separately
6 Unlocking Modes
?Fingerprint Unlock
?PIN Code Unlock
?NFC Card Unlock
?APP Bluetooth Unlock
?Mechanical Key Unlock
?Temporary Password Unlock
Sentry Mode
Protect your Home Security
If you need to leave home for a long time,
Sentry Mode can be set up in a single touch.
When someone tries to open the door from inside,
a local alarm will be triggered and notifications will be sent to you via the app.
6 Ways Secure Your Home
?Double Induction Unlock
?Attack Resistant Black Box
?Emergency Knob
?Electronic Anti-lock
?Encryption Chip
?Anti-Peep Fake Code
Abnormal Door Status Alarm
?Local Alarm + Remote Notification
?Door Ajar Alarm
?Door Open Alarm
?Password Error Alarm
?Lock Picking Alarm
?Low Battery Alarm
Work With Mi Devices
When you open the door,
the lights and camera turn on automatically
*Smart linkage needed to connect Bluetooth gateway
App Management
View Door Status
Lock/unlock status, remaining battery, network status
Password Management
Add or delete fingerprint/pin code, set up temporary password
View Lock History
Knows who enters and when they leave
Family Home Notifications
Be notified when family members arrive back home
Unlock ways :Fingerprint / PIN code / NFC card / Bluetooth / Mechanical key
Lock tongue material : Stainless steel
Encryption chip : Mijia encryption chip
Dimensions :L385*W73*H22mm
Main material : Aluminum alloy
Using app :Mi Home(Mijia) App
NFC card capacity : 25
Standby time :12 months
Password capacity :50 groups
Fingerprint capacity :30 groups
Emergency power supply :Type-C
Heaven and earth hook : Not supported
Main power supply : 6V (AA batteries) x 8
Use door type : Wooden door, security door
Applicable door thickness (mm) :40-120mm
Password length :6 digits, supports up to 16 virtual PIN numbers
*(Family leaving home notifications, sentry mode, abnormal door status alarm, smart linkage, app management) Bluetooth gateway connection required to use these functions.
Height: (385 mm)
Depth: (22 mm)
Thickness: (40-120 mm)
Width: (73 mm)